mien is a small independent company based in The Netherlands.

Our clothes are designed from scratch and developed in collaboration with our Italian production partner. 

Our Story

Without a doubt cycling is the greatest sport out there.   However for many of us, there’s more to it than pushing at the front and toning our thighs.  As the years have ticked by, for me this is even more so.  In my younger years I aspired to be the next Marianne Vos.  I dressed in the high tech gear and pushed hard to stay in the group.  Now, I ride with my friends who appreciate the more rewarding aspects of cycling.  We relax, enjoy the scenery, enjoy the ride.  

No longer feeling comfortable in my technical cycling clothes, I felt the need to bridge the gap, to create garments that I want to wear and to share them women who share my philosophy when it comes to cycling.  Plus, I think it’s time we just all dressed a little nicer when we ride.

We also want to be comfortable. To be comfortable physically when we are on the bike but also to feel comfortable in ourselves. With our first collection our mission was to create garments which function perfectly for cycling but look at home when you are off your bike.  Cycling clothing which is flexible and versatile, where ‘less is more’.  We don’t innovate for the sake of innovation, this would make the garment too specialised and we want you to get maximum wear from your garments.

 Our Fabrics

We love our fabrics. 

The fabrics we select are of the highest quality, from the top mills in Italy and France which serve luxury brands.  Soft and silky against the skin whilst still offering the performance demanded from technical fabrics.